Hi, I’m Ellie I’ve just turned 30. I live in South East England with my partner and two cats. I live a pretty simple life – work, Netflix and reading are a pretty accurate summary. I love to travel, eat, and sleep.

And of course I love writing.

A few years ago I started my journey towards Becoming an Author, and it’s still ongoing. I’ve done a lot of research into how to become a writer, and while I’ve found the advice of the people who’ve ‘made it’ really helpful it feels like a long way off for me, and to be honest I couldn’t really connect with these people. They might have gone through it all, but they’re not going through it. They probably don’t even remember how hard it was starting out, not really. I wanted to start a blog for all those people like me, aspiring authors who are at just starting out. To chronicle and share my journey in the hopes that it might helps others in theirs.

So join me as I potter along this path; my aim is to give a stark account of what it’s been like for me, so others can see what Becoming an Author is really all about.

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